SABO – an industry and interest organisation

SABO was established at around the same time as the birth of the public housing sector. The organisation was formed at a meeting of the municipally owned Bostadsbolaget i Göteborg [Gothenburg Housing Company]. This was in 1950, and a handful of public housing companies have been involved since the very first day. Today, over sixty years later, almost 300 companies are members of SABO.

There are member companies of varying size throughout Sweden. They operate in their own local markets and their conditions differ quite significantly. However, there are more similarities than differences and there is a great feeling of solidarity between the companies.

As an industry and interest organisation sabo_inenglish2.jpgfor these companies, we want to provide concrete benefits for both the companies and their employees and the elected representatives working on the boards of these member companies. As an industry organisation we provide daily support and service, for instance in the form of relevant sector information on our website and in the form of reports, guidelines and handbooks. We offer training adapted to the sector, arrange conferences focused on the challenges faced by the sector and also set up networks and arrange meetings for the exchange of experience. Every year our activities bring together over 6,000 people. This makes us one of the most important meeting places for the sector. At the same time we are available to our members on a daily basis to provide advice and suggestions.

As an interest organisation our long-term ambition is to provide good operational conditions for our member companies and the positive development of rental property. Our work concerns housing policy, but we are not affiliated to any political party. We seek to create alliances and cooperate where this benefits our members. We take our responsibility to represent members seriously, whether we are engaged in discussions or negotiations with representatives of the Government and the Riksdag or the sector in general.

SABO has been based at Drottninggatan 29 in Stockholm since 2011. We hold many of our training courses and meetings here. Just over forty employees and experts work here in an organisation that focusses on the daily challenges of our member companies concerning property development, economic and financial issues, the supply of skills, housing issues and law and also communication and business development.
We perform around half of our activities elsewhere in Sweden, often in collaboration with one or more of our member companies. For example, this may relate to company-based training in tenancy law, a network meeting for communicators or a regional conference for elected representatives.

Most of SABO’s work involves municipal rental property and the housing issue in Sweden. We actively cooperate with all of the important housing organisations in Sweden and cooperate with, for example, the Swedish Union of Tenants and the Swedish Property Federation. We work together to create a secure rental market and for the positive development of rental housing. However, development in our sector is not restricted to the borders of Sweden. For this reason we are actively working both to promote the exchange of experience through the Nordic housing organisation (NBO Housing Nordic) and also, through CECODHAS Housing Europe, to promote and protect our interests in respect of EU regulations. 


SABO's member companies


  • SABO has 302 member companies, which jointly manage 802,000 apartments.
  • SABO companies are found throughout Sweden and vary in size, with everything from 72 to 26,600 apartments.
  • Total non-residential floor space amounts to 8.4 million square metres.
  • Overall turnover was approximately SEK 61 billion in 2015.
  • Number of employes is approximately 12.000.